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    • A National Decision Point: Effective Testing and Screening for Covid-19 

      McClellan, Mark; Silcox, Christina; Anderson, David; Zavodszky, Anna; Borre, Ethan; Dentzer, Susan; Aspinall, Mara (2020-09-09)
      This Duke-Margolis report out provides a framework for public health officials and community leaders in schools, businesses and other institutions on how to use Covid-19 screening test strategies to operate safely and prevent ...
    • From Development to Market: Understanding COVID-19 Testing and Its Challenges 

      McClellan, Mark; Schneider, Monika; Dentzer, Susan; Sheehan, Sarah; Silcox, Christina; Hamilton Lopez, Marianne; Wosinska, Marta (2020-08-19)
      Amid the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and a crisis over inadequate and delayed testing, this report describes COVID-19 testing methods and applications, the regulatory process for approving tests, how tests are paid for, and how ...