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    • Constraint and trade-offs regulate energy expenditure during childhood. 

      Urlacher, Samuel S; Snodgrass, J Josh; Dugas, Lara R; Sugiyama, Lawrence S; Liebert, Melissa A; Joyce, Cara J; Pontzer, Herman (Science advances, 2019-12-18)
      Children's metabolic energy expenditure is central to evolutionary and epidemiological frameworks for understanding variation in human phenotype and health. Nonetheless, the impact of a physically active lifestyle and heavy ...
    • Extreme events reveal an alimentary limit on sustained maximal human energy expenditure. 

      Thurber, Caitlin; Dugas, Lara R; Ocobock, Cara; Carlson, Bryce; Speakman, John R; Pontzer, Herman (Science advances, 2019-06-05)
      The limits on maximum sustained energy expenditure are unclear but are of interest because they constrain reproduction, thermoregulation, and physical activity. Here, we show that sustained expenditure in humans, measured ...