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    • Effects of high-intensity interval training with hyperbaric oxygen. 

      Alvarez Villela, Miguel; Dunworth, Sophia A; Kraft, Bryan D; Harlan, Nicole P; Natoli, Michael J; Suliman, Hagir B; Moon, Richard E (Frontiers in physiology, 2022-01)
      Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO2) has been proposed as a pre-conditioning method to enhance exercise performance. Most prior studies testing this effect have been limited by inadequate methodologies. Its potential efficacy and mechanism ...
    • Hypercapnia in diving: a review of CO₂ retention in submersed exercise at depth. 

      Dunworth, Sophia A; Natoli, Michael J; Cooter, Mary; Cherry, Anne D; Peacher, Dionne F; Potter, Jennifer F; Wester, Tracy E; ... (9 authors) (Undersea Hyperb Med, 2017-05)
      Carbon dioxide (CO₂) retention, or hypercapnia, is a known risk of diving that can cause mental and physical impairments leading to life-threatening accidents. Often, such accidents occur due to elevated inspired carbon ...