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    • Do gender, disability, and morbidity affect aging rate in the LLFS? Application of indices of cumulative deficits. 

      Arbeev, Konstantin; Christensen, Kaare; Elo, IT; Hadley, EC; Kulminski, Alexander; Mayeux, R; Newman, Anne B; ... (11 authors) (Mech Ageing Dev, 2011-04)
      We used an approach of cumulative deficits to evaluate the rate of aging in 4954 participants of the Long-Life Family Study (LLFS) recruited in the U.S. (Boston, New York, and Pittsburgh) and Denmark. We used an array of ...
    • The Survival of Spouses Marrying Into Longevity-Enriched Families. 

      Christensen, Kaare; Elo, IT; Pedersen, JK; Perls, TT; Schupf, N; Stallard, Eric; Yashin, Anatoli I (J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci, 2017-01)
      BACKGROUND: Studies of longevity-enriched families are an important tool to gain insight into the mechanisms of exceptionally long and healthy lives. In the Long Life Family Study, the spouses of the members of ...