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    • A novel framework for analyzing conservation impacts: evaluation, theory, and marine protected areas. 

      Mascia, Michael B; Fox, Helen E; Glew, Louise; Ahmadia, Gabby N; Agrawal, Arun; Barnes, Megan; Basurto, Xavier; ... (20 authors) (Ann N Y Acad Sci, 2017-07)
      Environmental conservation initiatives, including marine protected areas (MPAs), have proliferated in recent decades. Designed to conserve marine biodiversity, many MPAs also seek to foster sustainable development. As is ...
    • Capacity shortfalls hinder the performance of marine protected areas globally. 

      Gill, David A; Mascia, Michael B; Ahmadia, Gabby N; Glew, Louise; Lester, Sarah E; Barnes, Megan; Craigie, Ian; ... (22 authors) (Nature, 2017-03-22)
      Marine protected areas (MPAs) are increasingly being used globally to conserve marine resources. However, whether many MPAs are being effectively and equitably managed, and how MPA management influences substantive outcomes ...