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    • Six Puzzles in Electronic Money and Banking 

      Fullenkamp, Connel; Nsouli, Saleh M (2004)
      The literature on the economic effects of electronic money and banking lacks organization and a common analytical framework. This paper identifies the main issues raised by e-money and e-banking and presents them as six ...
    • The Stock Market Channel of Monetary Policy 

      Chami, Ralph; Cosimano, Thomas F; Fullenkamp, Connel (1999)
      argues that the stock market is an important channel of monetary policy. Monetary policy affects real economic activity because inflation levies a property tax on stocks in addition to an income tax on dividend payments. ...
    • Trust as a Means of Improving Corporate Governance and Efficiency 

      Chami, Ralph; Fullenkamp, Connel (2002)
      Agency problems within the firm are a significant hindrance to efficiency. We propose trust between coworkers as a superior alternative to the standard tools used to mitigate agency problems: increased monitoring ...