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    • Lemur diversity in Madagascar 

      Mittermeier, RA; Ganzhorn, JU; Konstant, WR; Glander, K; Tattersall, I; Groves, CP; Rylands, AB; ... (14 authors) (International Journal of Primatology, 2008-12-01)
      A basic understanding of the taxonomy, diversity, and distributions of primates is essential for their conservation. This review of the status of the taxonomy of lemurs is based on a 5-d workshop entitled "Primate Taxonomy ...
    • Parasites of wild howlers (Alouatta spp.) 

      Stuart, M; Pendergast, V; Rumfelt, S; Pierberg, S; Greenspan, L; Glander, K; Clarke, M (International Journal of Primatology, 1998-01-01)
      A literature review of howler parasites provides the basis for an overview of the ecological significance of parasite surveys in primates. Within this framework, we have added insights into the interactions between primate ...
    • Postcranial adaptations for leaping in primates 

      Connour, JR; Glander, K; Vincent, F (Journal of Zoology, 2000-05-01)
      Leaping primates are specialized for hindlimb-propelled locomotion within arboreal habitats. As a group, they include members of Galagonidae, Lemuriformes and Tarsiidae. Postcranial characters analysed here include humeral ...
    • Translocation of black howler monkeys in Belize 

      Horwich, RH; Koontz, F; Saqui, E; Ostro, L; Silver, S; Glander, K (Reintroduction News, 2002)