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    • Culture moderates the relationship between self-control ability and free will beliefs in childhood 

      Zhao, Xin; Wente, Adrienne; Flecha, María Fernández; Galvan, Denise Segovia; Gopnik, Alison; Kushnir, Tamar (Cognition, 2021-05)
      We investigate individual, developmental, and cultural differences in self-control in relation to children's changing belief in "free will" - the possibility of acting against and inhibiting strong desires. In three studies, ...
    • The Child as Econometrician: A Rational Model of Preference Understanding in Children 

      Lucas, Christopher G; Griffiths, Thomas L; Xu, Fei; Fawcett, Christine; Gopnik, Alison; Kushnir, Tamar; Markson, Lori; ... (8 authors) (PLoS ONE, 2014-03)
      Recent work has shown that young children can learn about preferences by observing the choices and emotional reactions of other people, but there is no unified account of how this learning occurs. We show that a rational ...