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    • Notes on the Universal Elliptic KZB Equation 

      Hain, R (Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly, 2020-01-30)
      The universal elliptic KZB equation is the integrable connection on the pro-vector bundle over M_{1,2} whose fiber over the point corresponding to the elliptic curve E and a non-zero point x of E is the unipotent completion ...
    • Rational points of universal curves 

      Hain, R (Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 2011-07-01)
    • The abelianization of the Johnson kernel 

      Dimca, A; Hain, R; Papadima, S (Journal of the European Mathematical Society, 2014-01-01)
      We prove that the first complex homology of the Johnson subgroup of the Torelli group Tg is a non-trivial, unipotent Tg-module for all g ≥ 4 and give an explicit presentation of it as a Sym H 1(Tg,C)-module when g ≥ 6. We ...