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    • Chromatin-associated APC regulates gene expression in collaboration with canonical WNT signaling and AP-1. 

      Hankey, William; Chen, Zhong; Bergman, Maxwell J; Fernandez, Max O; Hancioglu, Baris; Lan, Xun; Jegga, Anil G; ... (12 authors) (Oncotarget, 2018-07-27)
      Mutation of the APC gene occurs in a high percentage of colorectal tumors and is a central event driving tumor initiation in the large intestine. The APC protein performs multiple tumor suppressor functions including negative ...
    • Molecular determinants for enzalutamide-induced transcription in prostate cancer. 

      Yuan, Fuwen; Hankey, William; Wu, Dayong; Wang, Hongyan; Somarelli, Jason; Armstrong, Andrew J; Huang, Jiaoti; ... (9 authors) (Nucleic acids research, 2019-11)
      Enzalutamide, a second-generation androgen receptor (AR) antagonist, has demonstrated clinical benefit in men with prostate cancer. However, it only provides a temporary response and modest increase in survival, indicating ...