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    • A translatable predictor of human radiation exposure. 

      Lucas, Joseph; Dressman, Holly K; Suchindran, Sunil; Nakamura, Mai; Chao, Nelson J; Himburg, Heather; Minor, Kerry; ... (12 authors) (PLoS One, 2014)
      Terrorism using radiological dirty bombs or improvised nuclear devices is recognized as a major threat to both public health and national security. In the event of a radiological or nuclear disaster, rapid and accurate ...
    • Diagnosis of partial body radiation exposure in mice using peripheral blood gene expression profiles. 

      Meadows, Sarah K; Dressman, Holly K; Daher, Pamela; Himburg, Heather; Russell, J Lauren; Doan, Phuong; Chao, Nelson J; ... (10 authors) (PLoS One, 2010-07-12)
      In the event of a terrorist-mediated attack in the United States using radiological or improvised nuclear weapons, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of people could be exposed to life-threatening levels of ionizing ...
    • Gene expression signatures of radiation response are specific, durable and accurate in mice and humans. 

      Meadows, Sarah K; Dressman, Holly K; Muramoto, Garrett G; Himburg, Heather; Salter, Alice; Wei, ZhengZheng; Ginsburg, Geoffrey S; ... (10 authors) (PLoS One, 2008-04-02)
      BACKGROUND: Previous work has demonstrated the potential for peripheral blood (PB) gene expression profiling for the detection of disease or environmental exposures. METHODS AND FINDINGS: We have sought to determine the ...