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    • Conservation Through Population Assessments Across Variable Landscapes 

      Huang, Ryan (2019)
      Few areas of the planet are untouched by human actions, be they marine or terrestrial. Marine habitats face disturbance from overexploitation of fisheries and pollution while terrestrial habitats face significant threat ...
    • The 2020 elephant die-off in Botswana. 

      van Aarde, Rudi J; Pimm, Stuart L; Guldemond, Robert; Huang, Ryan; Maré, Celesté (PeerJ, 2021-01-11)
      The cause of deaths of 350 elephants in 2020 in a relatively small unprotected area of northern Botswana is unknown, and may never be known. Media speculations about it ignore ecological realities. Worse, they make conjectures ...
    • Using metapopulation theory for practical conservation of mangrove endemic birds. 

      Huang, Ryan; Pimm, Stuart L; Giri, Chandra (Conservation biology : the journal of the Society for Conservation Biology, 2020-02)
      As a landscape becomes increasingly fragmented through habitat loss, the individual patches become smaller and more isolated and thus less likely to sustain a local population. Metapopulation theory is appropriate for analyzing ...