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    • A Mitochondrial Progesterone Receptor Increases Cardiac Beta-Oxidation and Remodeling. 

      Price, Thomas; Dai, Qunsheng; Likes, Creighton E; Luz, Anthony L; Mao, Lan; Yeh, Jason S; Wei, Zhengzheng; ... (10 authors) (Journal of the Endocrine Society, 2019-02)
      Progesterone is primarily a pregnancy-related hormone, produced in substantial quantities after ovulation and during gestation. Traditionally known to function via nuclear receptors for transcriptional regulation, there ...
    • Age-Related Adverse Inflammatory and Metabolic Changes Begin Early in Adulthood. 

      Newby, Laura; Bain, James; Parker, Daniel; Sloane, Richard; Pieper, Carl F; Hall, Katherine S; Kraus, Virginia B; ... (12 authors) (The journals of gerontology. Series A, Biological sciences and medical sciences, 2018-05-22)
      Aging is characterized by deleterious immune and metabolic changes, but the onset of these changes is unknown. We measured immune and metabolic biomarkers in adults beginning at age 30. To our knowledge, this is the first ...
    • Dietary Patterns among Asian Indians Living in the United States Have Distinct Metabolomic Profiles That Are Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk. 

      Bain, James; Bhupathiraju, Shilpa N; Guasch-Ferré, Marta; Gadgil, Meghana D; Newgard, Christopher B; Muehlbauer, Michael J; Ilkayeva, Olga R; ... (11 authors) (The Journal of nutrition, 2018-07)
      Recent studies, primarily in non-Hispanic whites, suggest that dietary patterns have distinct metabolomic signatures that may influence disease risk. However, evidence in South Asians, a group with unique dietary patterns ...