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    • A few of our favorite unconfirmed ideas. 

      Marini, John J; Gattinoni, Luciano; Ince, Can; Kozek-Langenecker, Sibylle; Mehta, Ravindra L; Pichard, Claude; Westphal, Martin; ... (9 authors) (Crit Care, 2015)
      Medical practice is rooted in our dependence on the best available evidence from incremental scientific experimentation and rigorous clinical trials. Progress toward determining the true worth of ongoing practice or suggested ...
    • Seven unconfirmed ideas to improve future ICU practice. 

      Marini, John J; De Backer, Daniel; Ince, Can; Singer, Mervyn; Van Haren, Frank; Westphal, Martin; Wischmeyer, Paul (Crit Care, 2017-12-28)
      With imprecise definitions, inexact measurement tools, and flawed study execution, our clinical science often lags behind bedside experience and simply documents what appear to be the apparent faults or validity of ongoing ...