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      Sears, Harold; Iversen, Edwin; Hays, Kevin; Madsen, Ron (2005)
      The evolution of electric prosthetic systems has resulted in the widespread transition to digital controllers, i.e., microprocessors. In fact, it may be true that every available electronic controller in the field of prosthetics ...
    • Association of time-temperature curves with outcomes in temperature management for cardiac arrest. 

      Luedke, Matthew William; Graffagnino, Carmelo; McKinney, B Grace; Piper, Jill; Iversen, Edwin; Kolls, Brad (BMJ neurology open, 2022-01)
      <h4>Background/purpose</h4>Cardiac arrest is a common cause of death and neurological injury; therapeutic cooling for neuroprotection is standard of care. Despite numerous and ongoing trials targeting a specified cooling ...
    • Erythrocyte folate concentrations, CpG methylation at genomically imprinted domains, and birth weight in a multiethnic newborn cohort. 

      Hoyo, Cathrine; Daltveit, Anne Kjersti; Iversen, Edwin; Benjamin-Neelon, Sara E; Fuemmeler, Bernard; Schildkraut, Joellen; Murtha, Amy P; ... (16 authors) (Epigenetics, 2014-08)
      Epigenetic mechanisms are proposed to link maternal concentrations of methyl group donor nutrients with the risk of low birth weight. However, empirical data are lacking. We have examined the association between maternal ...

      Sears, Harold H.; Iversen, Edwin; Archer, Shawn; Linder, James; MacDonald, Joanna R. (2005)
      Two new electric terminal devices (TDs) have been developed for use with myoelectric prostheses of the upper limb, at all levels. They each feature a quick disconnect wrist connection, so they may be interchanged with each ...
    • Evolution of the Utah Arm to Improve User Function 

      Sears, Harold H.; Iversen, Edwin; Archer, Shawn; Jacobs, Tony (2008)
      An ambitious re-development of the Utah Arm was guided by direct clinical feedback, producing a list of features to improve the full-electric prostheses. The goals of the development focused on the following: • Smoother ...
    • Expression signatures of TP53 mutations in serous ovarian cancers. 

      Bernardini, Marcus Q; Baba, Tsukasa; Lee, Paula S; Barnett, Jason C; Sfakianos, Gregory P; Secord, Angeles Alvarez; Murphy, Susan K; ... (10 authors) (BMC Cancer, 2010-05-26)
      BACKGROUND: Mutations in the TP53 gene are extremely common and occur very early in the progression of serous ovarian cancers. Gene expression patterns that relate to mutational status may provide insight into the etiology ...
    • Utah Arm 2: New Technologies Applied To Electric Elbow And Hand Systems 

      Sears, Harold H.; Iversen, Edwin; Dyck, Arthur D.; Hays, Kevin; Rivera, Caesar (1997)
    • Wrist Innovations To Improve Function of Electric Terminal Devices 

      Sears, Harold H.; Iversen, Edwin; Archer, Shawn; Jacobs, Tony (2008)
      A major challenge in the development of terminal device (TD) and UE prosthetic devices is to add to the functional benefits to the wearer, without greatly increasing the weight, or complexity, or the cost of the ...