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    • Male mice song syntax depends on social contexts and influences female preferences. 

      Chabout, J; Sarkar, A; Dunson, DB; Jarvis, E (Front Behav Neurosci, 2015)
      In 2005, Holy and Guo advanced the idea that male mice produce ultrasonic vocalizations (USV) with some features similar to courtship songs of songbirds. Since then, studies showed that male mice emit USV songs in different ...
    • Site-specific retinoic acid production in the brain of adult songbirds. 

      Denisenko-Nehrbass, NI; Jarvis, E; Scharff, C; Nottebohm, F; Mello, CV (Neuron, 2000-08)
      The song system of songbirds, a set of brain nuclei necessary for song learning and production, has distinctive morphological and functional properties. Utilizing differential display, we searched for molecular components ...