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    • Brave New World of human-rights DNA collection. 

      Kim, Joyce; Katsanis, Sara H (Trends in genetics : TIG, 2013-06)
      Noncriminal DNA databases may serve a societal role in identifying victims of crime and human trafficking. However, how do we safeguard personal privacy of innocent victims and family members?
    • Characterization of the standard and recommended CODIS markers. 

      Katsanis, Sara H; Wagner, Jennifer K (Journal of forensic sciences, 2013-01)
      As U.S. courts grapple with constitutional challenges to DNA identification applications, judges are resting legal decisions on the fingerprint analogy, questioning whether the information from a DNA profile could, in light ...
    • Consent process for US-based family reference DNA samples 

      Katsanis, Sara H; Snyder, Lindsey; Arnholt, Kelly; Mundorff, Amy Z (Forensic Science International: Genetics, 2018-01)
    • Educating future providers of personalized medicine. 

      Katsanis, Sara H; Dungan, Jennifer R; Gilliss, Catherine L; Ginsburg, Geoffrey A (North Carolina medical journal, 2013-11)
    • Personal DNA testing in college classrooms: perspectives of students and professors. 

      Daley, Lori-Ann A; Wagner, Jennifer K; Himmel, Tiffany L; McPartland, Kaitlyn A; Katsanis, Sara H; Shriver, Mark D; Royal, Charmaine D (Genetic testing and molecular biomarkers, 2013-06)
      Discourse on the integration of personal genetics and genomics into classrooms is increasing; however, limited data have been collected on the perspectives of students and professors. We conducted a cross-sectional survey ...
    • Policy implications for familial searching. 

      Kim, Joyce; Mammo, Danny; Siegel, Marni B; Katsanis, Sara H (Investigative genetics, 2011-01)
      In the United States, several states have made policy decisions regarding whether and how to use familial searching of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) database in criminal investigations. Familial searching pushes ...
    • Preliminary perspectives on DNA collection in anti-human trafficking efforts. 

      Katsanis, Sara H; Kim, Joyce; Minear, Mollie A; Chandrasekharan, Subhashini; Wagner, Jennifer K (Recent advances in DNA & gene sequences, 2014-01)
      Forensic DNA methodologies have potential applications in the investigation of human trafficking cases. DNA and relationship testing may be useful for confirmation of biological relationship claims in immigration, identification ...