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    • A Randomized Trial of Protocol-Based Care for Early Septic Shock 

      ProCESS Investigators; Yealy, Donald M; Kellum, John A; Huang, David T; Barnato, Amber E; Weissfeld, Lisa A; Pike, Francis; ... (14 authors) (New England Journal of Medicine, 2014-05)
    • Early, Goal-Directed Therapy for Septic Shock - A Patient-Level Meta-Analysis. 

      PRISM Investigators; Rowan, Kathryn M; Angus, Derek C; Bailey, Michael; Barnato, Amber E; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Canter, Ruth R; ... (24 authors) (The New England journal of medicine, 2017-06)
      BACKGROUND:After a single-center trial and observational studies suggesting that early, goal-directed therapy (EGDT) reduced mortality from septic shock, three multicenter trials (ProCESS, ARISE, and ProMISe) showed no benefit. ...