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    • A method for atomic force microscopy cantilever stiffness calibration under heavy fluid loading 

      Kennedy, Scott J; Cole, Daniel G; Clark, Robert L (2009)
      This work presents a method for force calibration of rectangular atomic force microscopy (AFM) microcantilevers under heavy fluid loading. Theoretical modeling of the thermal response of microcantilevers is discussed including ...
    • Electrosprayed core-shell microspheres for protein delivery. 

      Wu, Yiquan; Liao, I-Chien; Kennedy, Scott J; Du, Jinzhi; Wang, Jun; Leong, Kam W; Clark, Robert L (Chem Commun (Camb), 2010-07-14)
      This communication describes a single-step electrospraying technique that generates core-shell microspheres (CSMs) with encapsulated protein as the core and an amphiphilic biodegradable polymer as the shell. The protein ...