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    • Comparative genomics reveals insights into avian genome evolution and adaptation. 

      Zhang, Guojie; Li, Cai; Li, Qiye; Li, Bo; Larkin, Denis M; Lee, Chul; Storz, Jay F; ... (107 authors) (Science, 2014-12-12)
      Birds are the most species-rich class of tetrapod vertebrates and have wide relevance across many research fields. We explored bird macroevolution using full genomes from 48 avian species representing all major extant clades. ...
    • Gene loss, adaptive evolution and the co-evolution of plumage coloration genes with opsins in birds. 

      Borges, Rui; Borges, Rui; Khan, Imran; Johnson, Warren E; Gilbert, M Thomas P; Zhang, Guojie; Jarvis, Erich D; ... (9 authors) (BMC Genomics, 2015-10-06)
      BACKGROUND: The wide range of complex photic systems observed in birds exemplifies one of their key evolutionary adaptions, a well-developed visual system. However, genomic approaches have yet to be used to disentangle the ...
    • Olfactory Receptor Subgenomes Linked with Broad Ecological Adaptations in Sauropsida. 

      Khan, Imran; Yang, Zhikai; Maldonado, Emanuel; Li, Cai; Zhang, Guojie; Gilbert, M Thomas P; Jarvis, Erich D; ... (10 authors) (Mol Biol Evol, 2015-11)
      Olfactory receptors (ORs) govern a prime sensory function. Extant birds have distinct olfactory abilities, but the molecular mechanisms underlining diversification and specialization remain mostly unknown. We explored OR ...