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    • Aluminum for plasmonics. 

      Knight, MW; King, NS; Liu, L; Everitt, Henry; Nordlander, P; Halas, NJ (ACS Nano, 2014-01-28)
      Unlike silver and gold, aluminum has material properties that enable strong plasmon resonances spanning much of the visible region of the spectrum and into the ultraviolet. This extended response, combined with its natural ...
    • Gallium plasmonics: deep subwavelength spectroscopic imaging of single and interacting gallium nanoparticles. 

      Brenny, BJM; Brown, April S; Coenen, T; Everitt, Henry; Knight, MW; Losurdo, M; Polman, A; ... (8 authors) (ACS Nano, 2015-02-24)
      Gallium has recently been demonstrated as a phase-change plasmonic material offering UV tunability, facile synthesis, and a remarkable stability due to its thin, self-terminating native oxide. However, the dense irregular ...