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    • Multiscale optics for enhanced light collection from a point source. 

      Noek, Rachel; Knoernschild, Caleb; Migacz, Justin; Kim, Taehyun; Maunz, Peter; Merrill, True; Hayden, Harley; ... (9 authors) (Opt Lett, 2010-07-15)
      High-efficiency collection of photons emitted by a point source over a wide field of view (FoV) is crucial for many applications. Multiscale optics offer improved light collection by utilizing small optical components placed ...
    • Scalable Optical MEMS Technology for Quantum Information Processing 

      Knoernschild, Caleb (2011)
      Among the various physical systems considered for scalable quantum information processing (QIP), individually trapped ions or neutral atoms have emerged as promising candidates. Recent experiments using these systems have ...