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    • Mapping the structure of perceptual and visual-motor abilities in healthy young adults. 

      Wang, Lingling; Krasich, Kristina; Bel-Bahar, Tarik; Hughes, Lauren; Mitroff, Stephen R; Appelbaum, L Gregory (Acta Psychol (Amst), 2015-05)
      The ability to quickly detect and respond to visual stimuli in the environment is critical to many human activities. While such perceptual and visual-motor skills are important in a myriad of contexts, considerable variability ...
    • Sensorimotor Learning in a Computerized Athletic Training Battery. 

      Krasich, Kristina; Ramger, Ben; Holton, Laura; Wang, Lingling; Mitroff, Stephen R; Gregory Appelbaum, L (J Mot Behav, 2016-09)
      Sensorimotor abilities are crucial for performance in athletic, military, and other occupational activities, and there is great interest in understanding learning in these skills. Here, behavioral performance was measured ...