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    • Calibration Of Rate-Sensitive Control Systems 

      Kurtz, Isaac (1995)
      Childress introduced the idea of using the time rate of change of the processed myoelectric signal to select prosthetic function. Since then the rate-sensitive myoelectric control system has become a commercially available ...
    • Programmable Control: Clinical Experience At Bloorview MacMillan Centre 

      Kurtz, Isaac; Heim, Winfried; Bauer-Hume, Heidi; Hubbard, Sheila; Ramdial, Sandra (1999)
      Advances in microprocessor technology in recent years have led to the introduction of programmable control systems for powered prosthetics. These systems allow amputees to try a variety of control schemes and choose the ...
    • Programmable Prosthetic Controller 

      Kurtz, Isaac (1997)
      Powered prosthetic hands, elbows and wrist rotators for child amputees have begun to proliferate and gain acceptance over the past few years. While the options for controlling these devices were once limited, there are now ...
    • The Development Of A Programmable Prosthetic Controller 

      Kurtz, Isaac; Bishop, John; Farr, Stephen; Naumann, Stephen (1995)