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    • Detectable clonal mosaicism from birth to old age and its relationship to cancer. 

      Wei, Qingyi; Laurie, Cathy C; Laurie, Cecelia A; Rice, Kenneth; Doheny, Kimberly F; Zelnick, Leila R; McHugh, Caitlin P; ... (73 authors) (Nature genetics, 2012-05-06)
      We detected clonal mosaicism for large chromosomal anomalies (duplications, deletions and uniparental disomy) using SNP microarray data from over 50,000 subjects recruited for genome-wide association studies. This detection ...
    • Genome-wide association reveals contribution of MRAS to painful temporomandibular disorder in males. 

      Smith, Shad; Parisien, Marc; Bair, Eric; Belfer, Inna; Chabot-Doré, Anne-Julie; Gris, Pavel; Khoury, Samar; ... (41 authors) (Pain, 2018-11-13)
      Painful temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is the leading cause of chronic orofacial pain, but its underlying molecular mechanisms remain obscure. While many environmental factors have been associated with higher risk of ...