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    • Sensitivity to switching rates in stochastically switched ODEs 

      Lawley, SD; Mattingly, JC; Reed, MC (Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 2014-01-01)
      We consider a stochastic process driven by a linear ordinary differential equation whose right-hand side switches at exponential times between a collection of different matrices. We construct planar examples that switch ...
    • Smooth invariant densities for random switching on the torus 

      Bakhtin, Y; Hurth, T; Lawley, SD; Mattingly, JC (2017-08-30)
      We consider a random dynamical system obtained by switching between the flows generated by two smooth vector fields on the 2d-torus, with the random switchings happening according to a Poisson process. Assuming that the ...
    • Stochastic switching in infinite dimensions with applications to random parabolic PDE 

      Lawley, SD; Mattingly, JC; Reed, MC (SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 2015-01-01)
      © 2015 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.We consider parabolic PDEs with randomly switching boundary conditions. In order to analyze these random PDEs, we consider more general stochastic hybrid systems and ...