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    • Bayesian Variable Selection in Clustering and Hierarchical Mixture Modeling 

      Lin, Lin (2012)
      Clustering methods are designed to separate heterogeneous data into groups of similar objects such that objects within a group are similar, and objects in different groups are dissimilar. From the machine learning perspective, ...
    • PEXSI-$Σ$: A Green's function embedding method for Kohn-Sham density functional theory 

      Li, Xiantao; Lin, Lin; Lu, Jianfeng (2017-04-23)
      In this paper, we propose a new Green's function embedding method called PEXSI-$\Sigma$ for describing complex systems within the Kohn-Sham density functional theory (KSDFT) framework, after revisiting the physics literature ...
    • Pole-based approximation of the Fermi-dirac function 

      Lin, Lin; Lu, Jianfeng; Ying, Lexing; E, Weinan (Chinese Annals of Mathematics. Series B, 2009-12-01)
      Two approaches for the efficient rational approximation of the Fermi-Dirac function are discussed: one uses the contour integral representation and conformal mapping, and the other is based on a version of the multipole ...