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    • Data augmentation for models based on rejection sampling. 

      Rao, Vinayak; Lin, Lizhen; Dunson, David B (Biometrika, 2016-06)
      We present a data augmentation scheme to perform Markov chain Monte Carlo inference for models where data generation involves a rejection sampling algorithm. Our idea is a simple scheme to instantiate the rejected proposals ...
    • Rat intersubjective decisions are encoded by frequency-specific oscillatory contexts. 

      Schaich Borg, Jana; Srivastava, Sanvesh; Lin, Lizhen; Heffner, Joseph; Dunson, David; Dzirasa, Kafui; de Lecea, Luis (Brain Behav, 2017-06)
      INTRODUCTION: It is unknown how the brain coordinates decisions to withstand personal costs in order to prevent other individuals' distress. Here we test whether local field potential (LFP) oscillations between brain regions ...