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    • Reassessing the conservation status of the giant panda using remote sensing 

      Pimm, Stuart; Xu, Weihua; Vina, Andres; Kong, Lingqiao; Zhang, Jingjing; Yang, Wu; Xiao, Yi; ... (11 authors) (NATURE ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION, 2017-11-01)
    • Transforming Protected Area Management in China. 

      Pimm, Stuart; Xu, Weihua; Du, Ao; Su, Yang; Fan, Xinyue; An, Li; Liu, Jianguo; ... (8 authors) (Trends in ecology & evolution, 2019-07-10)
      We discuss institutional reforms to China's protected area management. Currently (as elsewhere), protected areas suffer fragmented management, lack of a comprehensive classification, inadequate coverage of biodiversity and ...