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    • Aggregate complexes of HIV-1 induced by multimeric antibodies. 

      Stieh, Daniel J; King, Deborah F; Klein, Katja; Liu, Pinghuang; Shen, Xiaoying; Hwang, Kwan Ki; Ferrari, Guido; ... (19 authors) (Retrovirology, 2014-10-02)
      BACKGROUND: Antibody mediated viral aggregation may impede viral transfer across mucosal surfaces by hindering viral movement in mucus, preventing transcytosis, or reducing inter-cellular penetration of epithelia thereby ...
    • Human Non-neutralizing HIV-1 Envelope Monoclonal Antibodies Limit the Number of Founder Viruses during SHIV Mucosal Infection in Rhesus Macaques. 

      Santra, Sampa; Tomaras, Georgia D; Warrier, Ranjit; Nicely, Nathan I; Liao, Hua-Xin; Pollara, Justin; Liu, Pinghuang; ... (46 authors) (PLoS Pathog, 2015-08)
      HIV-1 mucosal transmission begins with virus or virus-infected cells moving through mucus across mucosal epithelium to infect CD4+ T cells. Although broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) are the type of HIV-1 antibodies ...
    • Infectious virion capture by HIV-1 gp120-specific IgG from RV144 vaccinees. 

      Liu, Pinghuang; Yates, Nicole L; Shen, Xiaoying; Bonsignori, Mattia; Moody, M Anthony; Liao, Hua-Xin; Fong, Youyi; ... (24 authors) (J Virol, 2013-07)
      The detailed examination of the antibody repertoire from RV144 provides a unique template for understanding potentially protective antibody functions. Some potential immune correlates of protection were untested in the correlates ...