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    • Dosimetric analysis of the alopecia preventing effect of hippocampus sparing whole brain radiation therapy. 

      Mahadevan, Anand; Sampson, Carrie; LaRosa, Salvatore; Floyd, Scott R; Wong, Eric T; Uhlmann, Erik J; Sengupta, Soma; ... (8 authors) (Radiat Oncol, 2015-11-26)
      BACKGROUND: Whole brain radiation therapy (WBRT) is widely used for the treatment of brain metastases. Cognitive decline and alopecia are recognized adverse effects of WBRT. Recently hippocampus sparing whole brain radiation ...
    • Ipilmumab and cranial radiation in metastatic melanoma patients: a case series and review. 

      Schoenfeld, Jonathan D; Mahadevan, Anand; Floyd, Scott R; Dyer, Michael A; Catalano, Paul J; Alexander, Brian M; McDermott, David F; ... (8 authors) (J Immunother Cancer, 2015)
      BACKGROUND: Ipilimumab improves survival in metastatic melanoma patients. This population frequently develops brain metastases, which have been associated with poor survival and are often treated with radiation. Therefore, ...
    • The role of whole brain radiation therapy in the management of melanoma brain metastases. 

      Dyer, Michael A; Arvold, Nils D; Chen, Yu-Hui; Pinnell, Nancy E; Mitin, Timur; Lee, Eudocia Q; Hodi, F Stephen; ... (13 authors) (Radiat Oncol, 2014-06-22)
      BACKGROUND: Brain metastases are common in patients with melanoma, and optimal management is not well defined. As melanoma has traditionally been thought of as "radioresistant," the role of whole brain radiation therapy ...