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    • Common genetic variation and the control of HIV-1 in humans. 

      Fellay, Jacques; Ge, Dongliang; Shianna, Kevin V; Colombo, Sara; Ledergerber, Bruno; Cirulli, Elizabeth T; Urban, Thomas J; ... (38 authors) (PLoS Genet, 2009-12)
      To extend the understanding of host genetic determinants of HIV-1 control, we performed a genome-wide association study in a cohort of 2,554 infected Caucasian subjects. The study was powered to detect common genetic variants ...
    • Comparison of interlaboratory variation in absolute T-cell counts by single-platform and optimized dual-platform methods. 

      Hultin, Lance E; Chow, Marianne; Jamieson, Beth D; O'Gorman, Maurice RG; Menendez, Frederick A; Borowski, Luann; Denny, Thomas N; ... (8 authors) (Cytometry B Clin Cytom, 2010-05)
      BACKGROUND: Previous studies have reported that the adoption of a single-platform flow cytometry cell counting method resulted in lower interlaboratory variation in absolute T cell counts as compared to predicate dual-platform ...
    • Multiplex assay reliability and long-term intra-individual variation of serologic inflammatory biomarkers. 

      McKay, Heather S; Margolick, Joseph B; Martínez-Maza, Otoniel; Lopez, Joseph; Phair, John; Rappocciolo, Giovanna; Denny, Thomas N; ... (10 authors) (Cytokine, 2017-02)
      BACKGROUND: Circulating cytokines, chemokines, and soluble cytokine receptors can serve as biomarkers of inflammation and immune dysregulation. Good reliability of multiplex platforms, which allow for simultaneous, comprehensive ...