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    • Arterial Blood Gas Analysis in Breath-Hold Divers at Depth. 

      Bosco, Gerardo; Rizzato, Alex; Martani, Luca; Schiavo, Simone; Talamonti, Ennio; Garetto, Giacomo; Paganini, Matteo; ... (9 authors) (Frontiers in physiology, 2018-01)
      The present study aimed to evaluate the partial pressure of arterial blood gases in breath-hold divers performing a submersion at 40 m. Eight breath-hold divers were enrolled for the trials held at "Y-40 THE DEEP JOY" pool ...
    • Arterial blood gases in divers at surface after prolonged breath-hold. 

      Bosco, Gerardo; Paganini, Matteo; Rizzato, Alex; Martani, Luca; Garetto, Giacomo; Lion, Jacopo; Camporesi, Enrico M; ... (8 authors) (European journal of applied physiology, 2020-02)
      PURPOSE:Adaptations during voluntary breath-hold diving have been increasingly investigated since these athletes are exposed to critical hypoxia during the ascent. However, only a limited amount of literature explored the ...