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    • Pathways to coastal resiliency: The Adaptive Gradients Framework 

      Hamin, EM; Abunnasr, Y; Dilthey, MR; Judge, PK; Kenney, MA; Kirshen, P; Sheahan, TC; ... (16 authors) (Sustainability (Switzerland), 2018-07-26)
      Current and future climate-related coastal impacts such as catastrophic and repetitive flooding, hurricane intensity, and sea level rise necessitate a new approach to developing and managing coastal infrastructure. Traditional ...
    • Scientific evidence for ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction 

      Sudmeier-Rieux, K; Arce-Mojica, T; Boehmer, HJ; Doswald, N; Emerton, L; Friess, DA; Galvin, S; ... (28 authors) (Nature Sustainability, 2021-09)
    • Submarine landslide geomorphology, US continental slope 

      McAdoo, BG; Pratson, LF; Orange, DL (Marine Geology, 2000-09-15)
      The morphometric analysis of submarine landslides in four distinctly different tectonic environments on the continental slopes of Oregon, central California, Texas, and New Jersey provides useful insight into submarine process, ...