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    • Science incubators: synthesis centers and their role in the research ecosystem. 

      Alberts, S; Cranston, K; Kingsolver, J; Lapp, Hilmar; McClain, Craig R; Rodrigo, Allen G; Smith, R; ... (10 authors) (PLoS Biol, 2013)
      How should funding agencies enable researchers to explore high-risk but potentially high-reward science? One model that appears to work is the NSF-funded synthesis center, an incubator for community-led, innovative science.
    • Sizing ocean giants: Patterns of intraspecific size variation in marine megafauna 

      Balk, MA; Benfield, MC; Branch, TA; Chen, C; Cosgrove, J; Dove, ADM; Gaskins, Lindsay; ... (16 authors) (PeerJ, 2015-01-01)
      What are the greatest sizes that the largest marine megafauna obtain? This is a simple question with a difficult and complex answer. Many of the largest-sized species occur in the world's oceans. For many of these, rarity, ...