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    • Cell-cycle control of cell polarity in yeast. 

      Moran, Kyle D; Kang, Hui; Araujo, Ana V; Zyla, Trevin R; Saito, Koji; Tsygankov, Denis; Lew, Daniel J (The Journal of cell biology, 2019-01)
      In many cells, morphogenetic events are coordinated with the cell cycle by cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs). For example, many mammalian cells display extended morphologies during interphase but round up into more spherical ...
    • How cells determine the number of polarity sites. 

      Chiou, Jian-Geng; Moran, Kyle D; Lew, Daniel J (eLife, 2021-04-26)
      The diversity of cell morphologies arises, in part, through regulation of cell polarity by Rho-family GTPases. A poorly understood but fundamental question concerns the regulatory mechanisms by which different cells generate ...
    • How Diffusion Impacts Cortical Protein Distribution in Yeasts. 

      Moran, Kyle D; Lew, Daniel J (Cells, 2020-04-30)
      Proteins associated with the yeast plasma membrane often accumulate asymmetrically within the plane of the membrane. Asymmetric accumulation is thought to underlie diverse processes, including polarized growth, stress sensing, ...