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    • Factors influencing malaria control policy-making in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 

      Ameneshewa, B; Kabatereine, N; Kiptui, R; Kramer, Randall A; Lesser, A; Mboera, LEG; Miranda, Marie Lynn; ... (9 authors) (Malar J, 2014-08-08)
      BACKGROUND: Policy decisions for malaria control are often difficult to make as decision-makers have to carefully consider an array of options and respond to the needs of a large number of stakeholders. This study assessed ...
    • Integrated vector management for malaria control in Uganda: knowledge, perceptions and policy development. 

      Kabatereine, N; Kramer, Randall A; Mutero, CM; Schlodder, D (Malar J, 2012-01-14)
      BACKGROUND: Integrated vector management (IVM) is increasingly being recommended as an option for sustainable malaria control. However, many malaria-endemic countries lack a policy framework to guide and promote the approach. ...
    • Using decision analysis to improve malaria control policy making. 

      Anderson, RM; Dickinson, KL; Fowler, Vance Garrison Jr; Kramer, Randall A; Miranda, Marie Lynn; Mutero, CM; Saterson, KA; ... (8 authors) (Health Policy, 2009-10)
      Malaria and other vector-borne diseases represent a significant and growing burden in many tropical countries. Successfully addressing these threats will require policies that expand access to and use of existing control ...