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    • Aging and the development of automaticity in visual search 

      Madden, DJ; Nebes, RD (Developmental Psychology, 1980-09-01)
      The rate of short-term memory search has previously been reported to be slower for older individuals than for college-age Ss (F. I. Craik, 1977). Current research has suggested that after extensive practice with the same ...
    • Autobiographical memory across the lifespan 

      Rubin, DC; Wetzler, SE; Nebes, RD (1986)
    • Hemispheric differences in memory search. 

      Madden, DJ; Nebes, RD (Neuropsychologia, 1980-01)
      Recent evidence suggests that memory demands contribute to visual field (VF) differences in tachistoscopic recognition. The present experiment examined VF differences in a memory-search paradigm using verbal stimuli (digits). ...
    • Lateral symmetry of auditory attention in hemispherectomized patients. 

      Nebes, RD; Madden, DJ; Berg, WD (Neuropsychologia, 1981-01)
      Single digits were monaurally presented in a random order to the right and left ears of hemispherectomized patients. Vocal identification time was found to be equivalent for the two ears. This result does not support the ...