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    • Porcine endothelial cells cocultured with smooth muscle cells became procoagulant in vitro. 

      Niklason, LE; Pang, Z; Truskey, George A (Tissue Eng Part A, 2010-06)
      Endothelial cell (EC) seeding represents a promising approach to provide a nonthrombogenic surface on vascular grafts. In this study, we used a porcine EC/smooth muscle cell (SMC) coculture model that was previously developed ...
    • Utility of telomerase-pot1 fusion protein in vascular tissue engineering. 

      Petersen, TH; Hitchcock, T; Muto, A; Calle, EA; Zhao, L; Gong, Z; Gui, L; ... (11 authors) (Cell Transplant, 2010)
      While advances in regenerative medicine and vascular tissue engineering have been substantial in recent years, important stumbling blocks remain. In particular, the limited life span of differentiated cells that are harvested ...