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    • Mechanical regulation of chondrogenesis. 

      O'Conor, Christopher J; Case, Natasha; Guilak, Farshid (Stem Cell Res Ther, 2013-07-01)
      Mechanical factors play a crucial role in the development of articular cartilage in vivo. In this regard, tissue engineers have sought to leverage native mechanotransduction pathways to enhance in vitro stem cell-based cartilage ...
    • Use of an insulating mask for controlling anisotropy in multilayer electrospun scaffolds for tissue engineering. 

      Garrigues, N William; Little, Dianne; O'Conor, Christopher J; Guilak, Farshid (J Mater Chem, 2010-10-28)
      Tissue engineering of various musculoskeletal or cardiovascular tissues requires scaffolds with controllable mechanical anisotropy. However, native tissues also exhibit significant inhomogeneity in their mechanical properties, ...