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    • Rapamycin Interferes With Postdepletion Regulatory T Cell Homeostasis and Enhances DSA Formation Corrected by CTLA4-Ig. 

      Farris, A; Kirk, Allan D; Knechtle, Stuart J; Kwun, J; Oh, B; Yoon, J (Am J Transplant, 2016-09)
      Previously, we demonstrated that alemtuzumab induction with rapamycin as sole maintenance therapy is associated with an increased incidence of humoral rejection in human kidney transplant patients. To investigate the role ...
    • The role of B cells in solid organ transplantation. 

      Bulut, P; Dar, W; Iwakoshi, Neal N; Kim, E; Knechtle, Stuart J; Kwun, J; Oh, B; ... (8 authors) (Semin Immunol, 2012-04)
      The role of antibodies in chronic injury to organ transplants has been suggested for many years, but recently emphasized by new data. We have observed that when immunosuppressive potency decreases either by intentional weaning ...