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    • A branching process model for flow cytometry and budding index measurements in cell synchrony experiments. 

      Orlando, David A; Iversen, Edwin S; Hartemink, Alexander J; Haase, Steven B (Ann Appl Stat, 2009)
      We present a flexible branching process model for cell population dynamics in synchrony/time-series experiments used to study important cellular processes. Its formulation is constructive, based on an accounting of the unique ...
    • Detecting separate time scales in genetic expression data. 

      Orlando, David A; Brady, Siobhan M; Fink, Thomas MA; Benfey, Philip N; Ahnert, Sebastian E (BMC Genomics, 2010-06-16)
      BACKGROUND: Biological processes occur on a vast range of time scales, and many of them occur concurrently. As a result, system-wide measurements of gene expression have the potential to capture many of these processes ...