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    • Configurational entropy measurements in extremely supercooled liquids that break the glass ceiling. 

      Berthier, Ludovic; Charbonneau, Patrick; Coslovich, Daniele; Ninarello, Andrea; Ozawa, Misaki; Yaida, Sho (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2017-10-10)
      Liquids relax extremely slowly on approaching the glass state. One explanation is that an entropy crisis, because of the rarefaction of available states, makes it increasingly arduous to reach equilibrium in that regime. ...
    • Zero-temperature glass transition in two dimensions 

      Charbonneau, Patrick; Berthier, Ludovic; Ninarello, Andrea; Ozawa, Misaki; Yaida, Sho
      The nature of the glass transition is theoretically understood in the mean-field limit of infinite spatial dimensions, but the problem remains totally open in physical dimensions. Nontrivial finite-dimensional fluctuations are ...