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    • Elucidation of hepatitis C virus transmission and early diversification by single genome sequencing. 

      Li, Hui; Stoddard, Mark B; Wang, Shuyi; Blair, Lily M; Giorgi, Elena E; Parrish, Erica H; Learn, Gerald H; ... (18 authors) (PLoS Pathog, 2012)
      A precise molecular identification of transmitted hepatitis C virus (HCV) genomes could illuminate key aspects of transmission biology, immunopathogenesis and natural history. We used single genome sequencing of 2,922 half ...
    • Phenotypic properties of transmitted founder HIV-1. 

      Parrish, Nicholas F; Gao, Feng; Li, Hui; Giorgi, Elena E; Barbian, Hannah J; Parrish, Erica H; Zajic, Lara; ... (32 authors) (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2013-04-23)
      Defining the virus-host interactions responsible for HIV-1 transmission, including the phenotypic requirements of viruses capable of establishing de novo infections, could be important for AIDS vaccine development. Previous ...