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    • A few of our favorite unconfirmed ideas. 

      Marini, JJ; Gattinoni, L; Ince, C; Kozek-Langenecker, S; Mehta, RL; Pichard, C; Westphal, M; ... (9 authors) (Crit Care, 2015)
      Medical practice is rooted in our dependence on the best available evidence from incremental scientific experimentation and rigorous clinical trials. Progress toward determining the true worth of ongoing practice or suggested ...
    • Metabolic and nutritional support of critically ill patients: consensus and controversies. 

      Berger, MM; Biolo, G; Casaer, MP; Doig, GS; Griffiths, Richard D; Heyland, DK; Hiesmayr, M; ... (17 authors) (Crit Care, 2015-01-29)
      The results of recent large-scale clinical trials have led us to review our understanding of the metabolic response to stress and the most appropriate means of managing nutrition in critically ill patients. This review presents ...