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    • Design Of A Hydraulic Hand Prosthesis, With Articulating Fingers 

      Smit, Gerwin; Plettenburg, Dick H. (2011)
      Rejection rates of body-powered hands are higher than that of hooks. Body powered hands are inefficient. As a result they require an uncomfortable high activation force, and produce a relatively low pinch force in return ...
    • Feedback In Voluntary Closing Arm Prostheses 

      Plettenburg, Dick H.; Hichert, Mona; Smit, Gerwin (2011)
      The purpose of this study was to find an optimal operation force, at which the prosthetic user receives the best force feedback during comfortable prosthesis operation. Three performance factors were introduced: reproducibility, ...

      Plettenburg, Dick H. (2008)
      The WILMER Passive Hand Prosthesis is developed for children aged one through five years. This harnessless hand prosthesis aims primarily at giving the child two arms of equal length. The hand features an easy to control ...
    • Voluntary Closing Prostheses: An answer to user needs! 

      Plettenburg, Dick H.; Smit, Gerwin (2011)