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    • Diversity and carbon storage across the tropical forest biome. 

      Sullivan, Martin JP; Talbot, Joey; Lewis, Simon L; Phillips, Oliver L; Qie, Lan; Begne, Serge K; Chave, Jerôme; ... (115 authors) (Sci Rep, 2017-01-17)
      Tropical forests are global centres of biodiversity and carbon storage. Many tropical countries aspire to protect forest to fulfil biodiversity and climate mitigation policy targets, but the conservation strategies needed ...
    • Favorable Climate Change Response Explains Non-Native Species' Success in Thoreau's Woods 

      Willis, Charles G; Ruhfel, Brad R; Primack, Richard B; Miller-Rushing, Abraham J; Losos, Jonathan B; Davis, Charles C (2010)
      Invasive species have tremendous detrimental ecological and economic impacts. Climate change may exacerbate species invasions across communities if non-native species are better able to respond to climate changes than native ...
    • Long-term thermal sensitivity of Earth's tropical forests. 

      Sullivan, Martin JP; Lewis, Simon L; Affum-Baffoe, Kofi; Castilho, Carolina; Costa, Flávia; Sanchez, Aida Cuni; Ewango, Corneille EN; ... (226 authors) (Science (New York, N.Y.), 2020-05-21)
      The sensitivity of tropical forest carbon to climate is a key uncertainty in predicting global climate change. Although short-term drying and warming are known to affect forests, it is unknown if such effects translate into ...