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    • Anharmonic lattice dynamics and superionic transition in AgCrSe2 

      Ding, Jingxuan; Niedziela, Jennifer L; Bansal, Dipanshu; Wang, Jiuling; He, Xing; May, Andrew F; Ehlers, Georg; ... (13 authors)
      <jats:p>Intrinsically low lattice thermal conductivity (<jats:inline-formula><m:math xmlns:m="" overflow="scroll"><m:msub><m:mrow><m:mi>κ</m:mi></m:mrow><m:mrow><m:mstyle mathvariant="it...
    • Momentum-resolved observations of the phonon instability driving geometric improper ferroelectricity in yttrium manganite. 

      Bansal, Dipanshu; Niedziela, Jennifer L; Sinclair, Ryan; Garlea, V Ovidiu; Abernathy, Douglas L; Chi, Songxue; Ren, Yang; ... (9 authors) (Nature communications, 2018-01-02)
      Magnetoelectrics offer tantalizing opportunities for devices coupling ferroelectricity and magnetism but remain difficult to realize. Breakthrough strategies could circumvent the mutually exclusive origins of magnetism and ...