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    • Comparative study of ecohydrological streamflow probability distributions 

      Ceola, S; Botter, G; Bertuzzo, E; Porporato, A; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I; Rinaldo, A (Water Resources Research, 2010-09-17)
      We run a comparative study of ecohydrological models of streamflow probability distributions (pdfs), p(Q), derived by Botter et al. (2007a, 2009), against field data gathered in different hydrological contexts. Streamflows ...
    • Natural streamflow regime alterations: Damming of the Piave river basin (Italy) 

      Botter, G; Basso, S; Porporato, A; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I; Rinaldo, A (Water Resources Research, 2010-06-01)
      A novel approach is proposed to estimate the natural streamflow regime of a river and to assess the extent of the alterations induced by dam operation related to anthropogenic (e.g., agricultural, hydropower) water uses ...
    • Nutrient loads exported from managed catchments reveal emergent biogeochemical stationarity 

      Basu, NB; Destouni, G; Jawitz, JW; Thompson, SE; Loukinova, NV; Darracq, A; Zanardo, S; ... (11 authors) (2010-12-09)
      Complexity of heterogeneous catchments poses challenges in predicting biogeochemical responses to human alterations and stochastic hydro‐climatic drivers. Human interferences and climate change may have contributed to the ...