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    • Dipole strength in La-139 below the neutron-separation energy 

      Makinaga, A; Schwengner, R; Rusev, G; Dönau, F; Frauendorf, S; Bemmerer, D; Beyer, R; ... (15 authors) (2010)
      The gamma-ray strength function is an important input quantity for the determination of the photoreaction rate and the neutron capture rate for astrophysics as well as for nuclear technologies. To test model predictions, ...
    • Photoexcitation of astrophysically important states in Mg-26. II. Ground-state-transition partial widths 

      DeBoer, RJ; Wiescher, M; Görres, J; Longland, R; Iliadis, C; Rusev, G; Tonchev, AP (2010)
      The level structure of Mg-26 near the neutron-separation energy, which is of interest for s-process nucleosynthesis, was studied at the High Intensity Gamma-Ray Source of the Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory using ...
    • Spectral structure of the pygmy dipole resonance. 

      Tonchev, AP; Hammond, SL; Kelley, JH; Kwan, E; Lenske, H; Rusev, G; Tornow, W; ... (8 authors) (Phys Rev Lett, 2010-02-19)
      High-sensitivity studies of E1 and M1 transitions observed in the reaction 138Ba(gamma,gamma{'}) at energies below the one-neutron separation energy have been performed using the nearly monoenergetic and 100% linearly polarized ...